Why choose us?

What Makes us Different

We are a brand new boutique specialist baby scan clinic based in Glasgow city centre. Our clinic is owned and ran by two Sonographers with over 17 year scanning experience but what sets us apart is that we’re also mum’s. Who better could understand the needs of excited expectant mum’s wanting to get a closer look at their little miracle-in-the-making.

Bumptobaby is Scotland’s Specialist Baby Scan Clinic, we invite you to visit our luxury clinic where you will enjoy this unique scanning experience, which can be shared with your loved ones. In the comfort of our modern clinic you’ll be amazed at the wonder of seeing your child’s first movements, hearing their heartbeat, while capturing images and video footage which can be treasured forever.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to meet your little bundle for the first time, bringing you closer to your unborn child.

Professional Staff

As medical professionals, you can be assured of our duty of care towards you and your unborn child. This dedication to care is demonstrated through the scans we offer you. We will always ensure that we adhere to advice and recommendations set out by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) and that is why our service is the best in the area. We not only ensure that all of our sonographers are registered to work in the NHS they are also registered with regulatory bodies HCPC and NMC.

Scan Safety

We have also taken a big decision to not offer scans before 10 weeks, the reason for this is simple, the first 10 weeks of pregnancy is called the embryonic period where delicate fetal tissue is developing this is the most fragile time for fetal development and we would not want to interfere in this delicate process. The RCOG supports this decision stating that scans performed prior to this should only be carried out for medical reasons. As medical professionals we will endeavour to adhere to guidance set out by the RCOG to ensure the safety of both mothers and babies.(For more information go to our Blog for our link on Early scans).

Safety is paramount at Bumptobaby and this is why we have purchased a brand new state-of-the-art scan machine. The RCOG advise that ultrasound equipment should be no older than 5 years old as this will affect image quality and may influence scan safety as a high power may be required to acquire the desired picture due to deterioration of the equipment.

Can you trust that every company adheres to this recommendation?

At bumptobaby we will not compromise on safety or quality, we have invested in the top-of-the-range HDLive scanner
(For more information on this revolutionary imaging got to our Blog and follow the link GE HDLive).