*Covid-19 Update*

Our clinic reopened on the 1st of June 2020 with some changes that must be adhered to at all times to ensure everyone’s safety.

*It is absolutely essential that your correct mobile number is  used while booking. If these details are incorrect and we cannot contact you to confirm your appointment prior to your scan we will cancel your appointment. We will send you a confirmation text a few days before your scan to confirm your appointment and send you further information, you Must reply to this text message*

There will be no exceptions to this and if you turn up and have not confirmed your appointment you will not be scanned. This is important as capacity in the clinic is reduced due to social distancing guidelines so only confirmed appointments will go ahead.

There will also be strict adherence to scan timings if you turn up late for your appointment (for whatever reason) you will not be scanned. It is really important that you familiarise yourself of where our clinic is located to ensure you don’t get lost.

Our address is 496 Argyle street we are located next door to the Marriott Hotel beside the Kingston Bridge. If you are not sure of the location prior to your scan please get in touch.

We will not be able to fit you in should you get lost and arrive late and a cancellation charge will be applied to your rescheduled appointment.

5 guests can attend your scan with you this is a maximum number of guests and children do count towards your guest total.

We have now introduced a cancellation fee if you cancel less than 24hours before your appointment you will be charged £20. Also if you do not turn up for your appointment a £30 non attendance fee will be added to any future bookings..

As standard every scan completed at Bumptobabyscotland includes a wellbeing health check which is our main priority and your scan will be performed by a qualified diagnostic radiographer sonographer giving you total peace of mind.

Most importantly we look forward to welcoming you back to offer you reassurance during these difficult times. We can’t wait to meet you and your little baby, creating beautiful memories to treasure forever ❤️

Why Choose Us?

We are Scotlands number one obstetric babyscanning provider offering the most advanced 3D, 4D and HD Live bonding scans. We believe every pregnancy is a miracle!!!!! Whether it’s your first pregnancy or your fourth, we aim to give every parent a truly magical experience, while providing you with reassurance that the health and well-being of your baby is being checked by our fully qualified and HPC registered diagnostic radiographers.
From the moment you step through the doors of our Boutique Style Glasgow Clinic our aim is to make you feel special and pampered. Pregnancy should be celebrated and recent advances in ultrasound technology have allowed us to visualize the captivating world in which your baby is growing in astounding real life quality, while ensuring the health and wellbeing of you and your baby is paramount throughout.
We are one of the only clinics in Scotland to offer HD Live scans, HD Live is the most recent advances in ultrasound technology allowing you to see your baby clearer than ever before.
We offer flexible opening times weekdays and weekends, with both day time and evening slots available. Our 24 hour online booking system will allow you to conveniently choose a date and time that suits you, with no deposits so you can pay in full when you come for your scan.
At Bumptobaby we have fantastic range of 2D, 3D, 4D and HD Live bonding wellbeing scans offering our customers clearer, sharper images of your growing baby, while giving you ultimate peace of mind you are in safe hands, with our fully qualified Diagnostic Radiographer/Sonographers, performing wellbeing health checks as standard with every scan we perform. Book your specialist babyscan today to see the real difference in image quality, whilst giving you ultimate peace of mind and reassurance.